Why You Should Make Time for the Sunset

No matter what … you should always make time for the sunset. They can be inspiring but more importantly, they are the key to infusing our life with wonder. Sunsets give me hope and bring a tremendous amount of joy.

Funny thing… the sun rises and sets every day. Every single day. Without fail. No matter how bad the day has been… there will always be a sunset. A promise of a new day. A promise of a better day.

But did you know there are actually health benefits from watching a sunset? Yep… for your health, you need to make time for the sunset.

  1. It will put you in a better mood – Think about it. I always get smile on my face and feel a real sense of calm after watching a sunset. Don’t you? If I’ve had a very stressful day, I try to catch the sunset. All of the stresses of the day seem to melt away. Did you know there are actual studies done to show that watching a sunset relieves stress?
  2. It will give you a reason to go oustide – Been stuck inside working all day? Stop what you are doing and go outside to take in all of the colors of sunset. Take a walk around the block, drive to your favorite spot, or simply sit on the porch. Sunsets need to be experienced outside.
  3. It will inspire you – Who isn’t inspired by a sunset? Not that I am encouraging you to pick up your phone… but who’s Instagram would not be enhanced by a beautiful sunset picture? Espcially if you are in the picture.
  4. It slows down time – Ever been out an saw people stop to watch a sunset? Even it you aren’t on a tropical island, people stop, even for a few moments, to enjoy the colors. When you see the cotton candy colors start to fill the sky don’t you stop and watch the clouds? I do too. But, for that moment, you are still. Where you need to be, what you need to do is all paused so you can take in the sunset.
  5. You can multitask – Can’t stand still for a few minutes? That’s the beauty of a sunset. You can enjoy it while walking, jogging, biking… it’s up to you. But, you are doing literally two things at once. Enjoying a sunset and something else, outside.

We all need to make time for the sunset. Ideally, every day. But, if that’s not possible, make time as much as you possibly can.

sunset seen from a car

When I am traveling I plan my days around sunset. What can we do during sunset?

While in Key West, we head out onto the water to enjoy a sunset sail. Seeing the sunset on the water is simply magical.

In Savannah, we opted to enjoy the sunset from a rooftop bar. The view was amazing, and the stresses of a long travel day simply melted away.

Orlando offers various places to enjoy sunset. I have snapped a picture of while traveling from the parks to dinner (not while driving… I am usually the passenger). At Disney Springs, I love to sit by the lake and see the sunset colors reflect off the water. Or, you can head over to Sunset Walk see the beautiful colors in the sky while listening to awesome live music.

At home, I watch the sunset from my favorite chair on my back patio. The tiki torches are lit and the string lights are starting to twinkle. It’s my favorite time of day. Kenny Chesney sang about that time of day.

As you can see, it’s important for your health to make time for the sunset, but you don’t have to be on vacation in a tropical place to get those benefits. Plan to watch sunset tonight and every night. It’s good for your health and it’s good for your soul.

sunset over farm land