Fall Into An Escape

Fall has sprung. For a lot of people, it means pumpkin spice, crisp afternoon walks, and falling leaves. I agree, it means that to me… but it also means snow and cold weather are just around the corner.

Usually, there are a few really nice warm days sprinkled into Fall. Which makes the season so much better. Those are the days I head outside and go for a walk. Let the fallen leaves crunch under my feet. Let the sun warm my face.

But, I also start to plan my escape South. Where will I visit? What will I do? You know the drill, it’s all about planning a vacation, but more than that… I’m planning my escape. Even if it’s for a few days or a week, it’s an escape. An escape from the cold, and escape to fun, sun and so much more. You’re with me, right?

Sorry, Mr. Boss Man, I may be taking some of those conference calls and zooms from a tropical location. After all, my flip flops are missing sand.

Warmer climates are so much fun in the Fall and Winter. An island decorated for Halloween or Thanksgiving is so cute. An island decorated for Christmas… well, that is simply magical.

Some of my favorite destinations include Orlando, especially Disney, and the Florida Keys.

Orlando offers beach escapes. What? Beaches in central Florida? Yep, a short drive (say around an hour) and you are at either coast… Gulf side or Atlantic side. This is an easy destination to get to from most of the country and there really is a lot to see and do. No matter what beach you decide to visit…It’s not too hot, but just right to sit on the beach, watch the waves and enjoy a great book. The crowds are less and the feeling is easy.

Of course, one of my guilty pleasures is Disney. I love how they decorate for Fall and quickly shift to Christmas on November 1. Pumpkin treats, parades and, so much more can be found here. Not in a park mood? Then head over to Disney Springs and enjoy a glass of wine or a freshly made margarita overlooking the water. The crowds are a bit higher during the Holiday season, but the decorations keep you distracted that you really don’t seem to mind.

The Florida Keys go all out this time of year. In Key West, Fantasy Fest is in full swing the last part of October and then you roll right into powerboat races. So much fun! As you can imagine, the crowds are higher during this time, but who cares… you are on an island!

As you can see… I am always looking for a way to enjoy any destination, from an Island State of Mind. Finding the perfect spot to see a sunset, even if I am nowhere near water. (Think rooftop bars… they offer amazing views of sunsets) Seeking out great cocktails or the perfect glass of wine. And… enjoying the festivities found at any island location. Have you found that no matter where you go on vacation you never seem to be bored? Yep… me too.

Follow me as we explore all the places my Flip Flop Gypsy soul takes me. It’s going to be a lot of fun.