17 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Near Disney World

Daydreaming of The House of Mouse in Your Backyard?

For Disney enthusiasts, the dream of living near the magic they love is a constantly flickering light at the end of the proverbial Main Street. But where should you lay down your roots to ensure you’re within arm’s reach of the Happiest Place on Earth? Fear not, fellow princes and princesses. This isn’t just about finding the shortest commute to Space Mountain or the most elegant route to Belle’s village. It’s about a lifestyle worthy of the Disney spirit. Here are the best neighborhoods to live in, close enough to Disney World that you might just catch some whimsical tunes carried on the wind.

1. Celebration: A Master-Planned Community Bursting with Charm

Settling into Celebration is like stepping into an enchanted American town straight from Walt’s vision. Developed in 1994 by the Walt Disney Company, this once swampland now features eye-catching architecture, verdant landscapes, and a calendar stuffed with community events.

If you’re looking for a locality that provides more than just a roof overhead, Celebration’s resort-style living might be your happily ever after. The town center buzzes with a sense of community that’s hard to replicate. You’ll be a stone’s throw away from the magic. With miles of walking trails, tennis courts, picturesque waterfronts, green spaces, and seasonal festivities. The charm and coming together of locals make living in Celebration feel like it’s perpetually celebrating, well, you!

Picture of Celebration at night over the water

2. Clermont: The Chain of Lakes Gem

For those who prefer the quieter side of life but still want to stay close to adventure, Clermont offers an oasis of tranquility just 25 miles away from Disney World. This gorgeous city boasts The Chain of Lakes. A series of beautiful water bodies where residents can soak in the picturesque backdrop of the Floridian countryside.  

Clermont’s serene lifestyle is defined by its outdoorsy pursuits. Hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic by the lake—there’s an undeniable allure in these simple, soul-soothing treasures.  Grab your bike and hop on the West Orange Trail.  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon outside of Disney property. Come home to Clermont and live the everyday vacation lifestyle that Disney dreams are made of.   Be sure to check out one of our favorite spots, Suncreek Brewery.  They offer amazing beer and live music on some nights.

Picture of a pint of beer at Suncreek brewery

3. Winter Garden: Where Nostalgia Meets Nature

Winter Garden, according to niche.com, is one of the best places to live in Florida, and it’s not hard to see why. This idyllic neighborhood, located just 12 miles away from Disney, offers a downtown that is as vibrant as it is vintage. With a historic theater, a bustling farmers’ market, and an array of culinary delights, this area feels like an extension of Disney’s Main Street, U.S.A.

What sets Winter Garden apart is its insistence on embracing the old and the new. Stroll through the cobblestone streets lined with oaks, and you’ll encounter a sense of timelessness. For residents, these tree-lined streets offer a space that feels eternally festive, with the modern convenience of shopping and dining options that never fail to please.

Plant Street Market in Winter Garden.  The outdoor view

4. Doctor Phillips: A Slice of Central Florida Luxury

Named after citrus magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips, this is the happening suburb for those who want to blend the exhilaration of city life with the tranquility of suburban living. It’s a stone’s throw away from the trifecta of Orlando attractions—Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Residents of Doctor Phillips enjoy the high life, thanks to the bustling shopping centers and a melting pot of culinary choices. A neighborhood with an international flair. This slice of Orlando suburbia is comfortable, convenient, and always connected to the energy of the Sunshine State’s prime city life.

5. Altamonte Springs: Your Gateway to Orlando’s Culture

This bustling city, positioned just 26 miles northeast of Disney World along I-4, is where urban and familial bliss find a perfect intersection. Altamonte Springs takes pride in its cultural offerings. The Cranes Roost at Uptown Altamonte serves as the cultural heartbeat of the locality.

Altamonte Springs presents a lifestyle where education and entertainment walk hand-in-hand. This is a community that thrives on its own local spirit while being merely a jaunt away from the buzzing heart of Orlando. If you seek a neighborhood that inspires its residents with a rich tapestry of activities, Altamonte Springs makes for an excellent address.

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6. Winter Park: The Sophisticate’s Paradise

Winter Park, just 30 miles from Disney, seems sculpted to be in a perpetual state of elegance. This neighborhood brims with serene parks, towering oaks, and a bevy of museums that reflect its status as a cultural hotspot. It is the home of Rollins College, Florida’s oldest private college.

Winter Park caters to a community that values the arts and history—of both the local and global kind. It’s the best place if you’re someone who appreciates the finer things in life and seeks a balance between intellect and leisure. Winter Park offers an enviable lifestyle.

7. Lake Nona: Where Modernity Meets Serenity

Lake Nona is for those who want a taste of modern luxury. This 11-square-mile neighborhood, situated within a stone’s throw of the Orlando International Airport and 20 miles from Disney, offers a lifestyle that marries convenience and comfort effortlessly. 

Home to the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine, Lake Nona is a healthcare and innovation hub. Families residing here benefit from state-of-the-art amenities. For those who take pleasure in a life that’s both advancing and relaxing, Lake Nona is a perfect match.

During your time at Disney World, being able to see the stars and worlds from afar is part of the enchantment. Yet, in Lake Nona, you’re afforded a similar spectacle in the know-your-neighbor serenity of a modern village.

8. Downtown Orlando: The Vibrant Home of The City Beautiful

If you’ve got that metropolitan shimmer in your eye but don’t wish to part with the potential of twilight serenades over the lake, Downtown Orlando is where you need to be. This urban core is both historical and stylish, featuring a sprinkling of the modern amidst its well-preserved architecture.  A great place for any young professionals looking for fun, amenities, and location.

Minutes from the theme parks, it’s the best of both the fairy tale kingdoms and modern reality. From the artistic lullabies of Thornton Park and Lake Eola Park to the roar of the crowds at sporting events, Downtown Orlando offers an allure of its own, pacing itself to the unmatched tempo of city life.

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Swan Boat on Lake Eola

9. Champions Gate: Golf, Gourmet, and Gateway to Disney

For golf aficionados, Champions Gate is your ideal place and hole-in-one. It is a haven for golf enthusiasts. Residents gain direct access to the Champions Gate Golf Club, a 36-hole masterpiece designed by professional Greg Norman.

Beyond the golf courses, Champions Gate is a culinary delight, offering a variety of gourmet experiences. The Omni Resort within Champions Gate presents an oasis of relaxation and luxurious dining choices. It’s a community that caters to the sophisticated, the sporty, and those who treasure an exquisite dining palette.

Palm Tree at one of the shopping places in Champions Gate

10. Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort: Luxury as Only Disney Can Define

This neighborhood is living in luxury in the backyard of the mouse that’s built an empire on doling out enchantment. Constructed by Walt Disney Imagineering itself, Golden Oak is the epitome of upscale living. These single-family homes offer amenities and style that couldn’t be more exclusive if a fairy godmother had waved her wand to make them so.

It’s a lifestyle choice for the high-earners and those who treasure the accustomed and curated lifestyle. Sure, it comes with a premium. But for those who truly want to intertwine every thread of their being with that of Disney’s, Golden Oak is the final stitch of the perfect tapestry.

11. Kissimmee: Where Local And Tourist Conventions Meet

Kissimmee is a destination that cleverly disguises itself as a neighborhood. The heart of the tourist haven, it offers more than just happy-go-lucky tourists in its vicinity. You’ve got nature and history packed into this vibrant area.

With treasures like the Old Town, Gatorland, and the sparkling excitement of Fun Spot, Kissimmee is a playground for the senses. It’s also home to the serene Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. Where you can see the Milky Way with your own eyes. Known to have no light pollution, you will be amazed at what you can see. Its a scene that’s a ticket to space and back, without even having to leave your neighborhood.

Old Town street at sunset

12. Davenport: Close Enough to Hear Mickey Mouse’s Whistle

If Davenport had a theme, it would be ‘The Pearl in the Middle’. A mere 16 miles from Disney, which is a short drive. It’s not as leisurely as Clermont, nor does it have the towering elegance of Winter Park. And that’s what makes this neighborhood a great place. It’s a no-nonsense, residential retreat for those who truly want to be close to Disney yet live their lives without the daily fantasy intrusion.

Davenport is practical, and popular with Disney Cast Members. It’s strategically placed on the ‘right’ side of I-4, which is a more significant perk than you might initially think. Here, the place is near enough to zoom into your fantasy when you need it, yet just far enough to experience a day that’s perfectly normal with just the occasional, wonderful, whimsical interruption.

A view from our lanai at night in Davenport

13. Horizon West: A Place with Great Hometown Vibes

Horizon West is the rising star in the galaxy of Disney neighborhoods. With its family-friendly atmosphere and a plethora of planned communities. It’s rooted in the promise of growth while maintaining a grounded and neighborly energy.

Just a ten-minute drive from Disney, Horizon West is on the ascension. It provides the perfect balance for a bustling family lifestyle. The sense of community, the planned infrastructure, and the proximity to Disney’s storied delight make Horizon West a community for the future with plenty of magic threaded through its future-ready fabric.

14. Winter Haven: The Chain of Lakes City

A little over 30 miles away from Disney World, Winter Haven is the quintessential Floridian fairytale. Known for its Chain of Lakes—26 in total—it provides an aquatic street upon which residents can trace the enchanting narratives of the Sunshine State.

Winter Haven is experiencing its own tale of revival, with new developments cascading into an already vibrant community. It’s the best of old and new Florida, with a dedication to preserving its natural beauty complemented by thoughtful urban expansion. For those enchanted with the idea of a balanced life in the vicinity of Disney, Winter Haven’s allure is undeniable.

15. St. Cloud: The Affordable Frontier

Affordable living is a stone’s throw from the magic, that’s St. Cloud. It maintains a reputation for its budget-friendly charm, consistently drawing those who want to wake up to Disney World’s whisper in the air each morning without blowing a fairy-sized hole in their savings account.  Located in the Greater Orlando area, it’s still a close proximity to all that is fun and amazing.

But don’t be fooled by its cost-effectiveness. St. Cloud has its share of attractions, such as the Peghorn Nature Park. Plus it is only a short jaunt away from the glossy excitements of Orlando’s cityscape. It’s a destination in its own right, making the Florida adventure an affordable and cozy one indeed.

16. Hunter’s Creek: The Pinnacle of Community Planning

Tout this as the poster child for master-planned communities. Hunter’s Creek is a neighborhood that’s been meticulously curated to provide its residents with every imaginable amenity, all just 18 miles away from Disney.

Home to its very own activities and within a whisker of Orlando’s main attractions. Hunter’s Creek is where the word ‘community’ is resplendently redefined. It’s more than a neighborhood; it’s a collective dream woven into the fabric of family-friendly design. Hunter’s Creek is efficient, elegant, and most importantly—a touch of Disney magic in the design of daily life.

17. Windermere: The Neighbors of the Magic Kingdom

This neighborhood gets the prize for the closest “When You Wish Upon a Star” neighborhood. Residents can hear the whistle and sometimes even catch the glimmer of Disney World’s nightly pyrotechnics announcing the close of another day of magic.

A mere 25-minute ride from the Magic Kingdom, Windermere embodies the essence of affluent living with that laid-back Floridian vibe. It’s a community of people who aren’t just close to Disney because of the proximity but because they understand that the spirit of the fairy tale can infuse itself into the very routine of their lives.

Other Neighborhoods

Baldwin Park

Nestled just east of Downtown Orlando, in Orange County, Baldwin Park stands as a picturesque and inviting neighborhood that offers a high quality of life for its residents. With beautiful homes, a walkable downtown area, and a lakeside dog park, the community provides a blend of residential charm and recreational amenities. Baldwin Park is an ideal place for both tourists and families looking to settle down.

​College Park

College Park, nestled in the heart of Orlando, Florida, is a vibrant neighborhood known for its blend of urban living and small-town charm, encapsulating a tight-knit, community-centric vibe. 

Lake Mary

Nestled approximately 18 miles north of Orlando in Seminole County, Florida, Lake Mary stands as a charming suburban enclave within the Greater Orlando metropolitan area. Known for its well-planned communities featuring stately homes built around picturesque lakes and upscale golf communities. With its proximity to high-tech businesses and its reputation as one of the best places to live in Florida, Lake Mary presents an attractive blend of suburban tranquility and modern amenities, making it a sought-after destination within the Orlando area.

It’s More than Just Location

When your neighbors could be pirates, cowboys, and intergalactic travelers, a home near Disney World and Disney Springs is more than just a home. It’s a piece of the magic, an everyday celebration of stories, dreams, and adventure. Each of the neighborhoods listed offers a unique lifestyle within arm’s reach of the enchanted gates, reminding us that the magic truly does reach far beyond the boundaries of the parks.

Your Fairytale Awaits

Each neighborhood brings its own unique flavor to the Disney World dream. Maybe you’re an adventurer at heart, longing for the open air of the lake towns. Perhaps a culinary connoisseur yearning for the international aromas of Dr. Phillips. Or maybe, you’re simply looking for the whimsical charm of small-town America, twinned with the grandeur of a globally connected city. No matter who you are, there’s a Disney neighborhood waiting for you. It’s time to follow your dream, even if the dream leads you to an address just around the corner from Cinderella’s castle—in your heart, you’re already there.